SMP would like to extend our personal services to you. It is our privilege to be able to show our expertise in bringing relaxation, balance, comfort and peace of mind to those who want to be pampered and stress free. We have been serving in the state of Maryland since 2004.

Our Massage Therapists are fully trained and have an extensive educational background in their specialty areas. Our love and passion comes from being able to assist others with highlighting a better self assessment and self awareness. Our massages are more than just a massage; it is therapy and a process for self healing.

SMP Day Spa Testimony

We have enjoyed and greatly benefited from the services of massage therapy, shiatsu reflexology and foot detox received at SMP Day Spa. They have preformed their services in a very knowledgeable and professional manner and have greatly assisted me and my wife as it pertains to our health. SMP Day Spa Shows genuine interest in our well being. We look forward to each session and would highly recommend to anyone.

Yours truly,
Paul and Alice Leeks

Every time I go to SMP Day I learn something new about me. It has given me a broader prospective concerning my health. I received Lymph Drainage Therapy for the first time and I must say that I was very impressed with the results that by body felt after the session were over. That night I slept so peacefully and, the next day I felt energized. Thanks SMP for a wonderful experience I will refer my friends and family to your establishment.

Claire Thornton

I felt like I had gone to heaven. Simply magnificence the level of touch, the comforbility, the treatment the sensation that I feel when I got my full body massage. This is a place to call haven, because of the professional care and concern that you get from SMP Day Spa. It is outstanding.

Louise Gray of Largo Maryland.

The SMP Day Spa is very much in tune with your personal needs. This Spa is very professional, clean, and the facility is bright and inviting. I experience a twilight sleep while receiving my therapy. I went to the Spa because it was recommended to me. And I must say that the experience is something I will remember for a life time. I receive a 1 deep tissue massage and it was fantastic , outstanding, relaxing and peaceful. I can't wait until next week for my next appointment.

John L. Andrews

I am a 70 year old woman and my daughter treated me to a full body massage at SMP Day in Clinton, Maryland.. I never had a massage before and I was somewhat afraid to get one. But I went anyway. And I am happy to say that I am glad I did. The staff was so pleasant and friendly. I felt as if they catered to all my needs, and the massage I got was wonderful. I had poor circulation problems in my legs and feet. During the massage and after the massage my legs felt like I was walking on air. It was a wise thing for my daughter to do in giving me a gift of a massage treatment. I did not think that I could feel this way without medication. My god blesses the employees and/or staff at SMP Day. I look forward to my next appointment.

Mrs. Geraldine R. Gray
Washington D.C.

I came to SMP Day several years ago and I have remained a loyal client since then. I came because I had several different medical conditions taking place with me . One of which is high blood pressure and high level of stress due to the type of job that I have. My doctor recommended for me to receive massage two times a week I am more relaxed now. I am able to handle stress without elevating my blood pressure and under my doctor advice and the massages that I have been getting from SMP Day Spa I am able to stop taking medication for high blood pressure. I would encourage everyone to try SMP Day Spa they are more than a Spa I see them as a wellness center too.

Patrick Alfred

Much Love goes out to the staff at SMP because they have help change my life for the better, I received, foot detox, body massage, information about my tongue, eyes, skin and even my pulse. It was truly amazing for me because they explain what is taking place with my body in a way that is so simply and you can actually see it for yourself, and what you need to do to change what you are doing for the better. I found my experience was pleasurable and at the same time educational. Many, Many thanks go out to SMP Day Spa. My home of wellness and relaxation.

Michael Burkmam

Ion Detoxification Foot Bath Testimonial

I write this testimonial with such honor, arrogance and enthusiasm to let you know that the ion foot detox has made the world of different to me. Upon completion my body felt invigorated and re-balanced. It also helped me to boost my energy level, increased vitality and balanced energy pathways within the body. Most of all my vital organs feel pure, and functioned better. I highly recommend this treatment to all friends, family and co-workers that want to live a healthy and productive lifestyle. Furthermore, the SMP Spa’s service was excellent, knowledgeable, sincere and caring about their clients.

LaFrances Dudley O’Neal